Bali Branco

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- Mobile curtain model with braided fabric

- Back and neck tie;

- Personalized details in Light Gold, greater brightness and durability;

- Fabric has UV 50+ technology, which offers Sun protection for your skin, blocking 
up to 98% of UVA and UVB rays. 
- Garment made with chlorine-resistant Creora HighcoTM elastane, which provides 
durability three times greater than a product with conventional elastane, 
even with constant use in swimming pools or in contact with sea water.  
- Does not allow the part to wear or expand.

Washing instructions and essential care:

- Strictly follow the instructions on the label for use and conservation.
- Wash light and dark colors separately.
- Do not soak.
- Do not excess soap.
- Do not use bleach products. 
- Do not put soap directly on the fabric. 
- Rinse well, leaving no soap residue and excess water. 
- Strong and fluorescent colors must be washed separately and with greater amount of water. 
- Hang or dry immediately after finishing the washing process.
- Drying must be done in the shade. 
- For polyamide articles, mainly fluorescent colors, do not expose it to excessive sunlight or artificial light.